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Tyulenovo and the amazing landscapes at Black Sea

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Tyulenovo was one of the locations I discovered in 2015, when I was looking for unique locations in Romania or very close to Romania. Since then I have been there a few times, especially when I wanted to escape the crowds on the Romanian coast. Although it is becoming more and more popular and crowded, this place is still in the top of my favorites in Bulgaria.

When I saw the photos of this place, I couldn't believe it is only 40 km from our country. Although it is very close to the southern Romanian coast, the landscape is completely different and it is as if the Black Sea is another sea. The steep rocks that drop dramatically into the sea offer a visual show, and the waves that crash against them offer a peace that you sometimes need to reconnect with nature.

rocky beach in northeast bulgaria at tyulenovo

The closest airport with international flights is the one from Varna. From there, I recommend renting a car. If you plan on staying few days in Varna, check my affiliate link with the activities that you can do there.

If you come from the Romanian Coast, it is very easy to reach by crossing the border at Vama Veche and although you pass only 40 km into the territory of Bulgaria, you have to buy a vignette. The point of sale is immediately after passport control and you can also pay in lei. Also after the border there is a currency exchange counter, it is good to have some cash with you because card payment is not accepted everywhere.


Although at first glance there don't seem to be many options regarding the things you can do in Tyulenovo, but I can name a few:

- admire the sunrise. It is one of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea where you can enjoy the silence and the colors of the sky at sunrise. If you choose to stay at one of the accommodation units on the coast, you have the chance to enjoy the view right from the balcony;

- jumping into the water. If you are passionate about jumping into the water, then you have just found out about the perfect place. In Tyulenovo there are several places where you can jump without risking injury, you just have to look for them carefully and check the area by entering the water gently before deciding if the jumps can be done safely; Also, do not risk your life, if there are waves, in general the water is calm and does not hit the rocks very hard;

- snorkeling, can be another activity you can do. Although the water is not the clearest and does not compare to other seas with crystal clear water, I am sure it will be a pleasant experience and you will manage to see something;

- paddle or kayak trips. There is the option to sign up for an organised tour, or you can use your own equipment. Both paddles and kayaks are available for purchase in Decathlon, you just have to decide if it's worth the investment or not. I admit, I am planning to buy an inflatable paddle.

- enjoy a meal or a drink at the local restaurant, which has a view of the rocks and the sea;

- the beach on the rocks. One of the disadvantages of this location is the fact that it does not have a beach. The entry into the water is made directly from the rocks, or from the area where the fishing boats are anchored. I recommend that you have water shoes so you don't risk injuring yourself in the sharper rock areas.

spectacular sunrise in bulgaria at tyulenovo

Tyulenovo is a place of major importance for the fauna of northeastern Bulgaria. The location is part of Natura 2000. For those who asked, like me, what Natura 2000 is, well, it is an European association that manages certain natural areas, with major importance in the development of biodiversity. Many birds live and nest in Tyulenovo, Kamen Bryag, and other places in the area.

spectacular landscape at the balck sea in bulgaria at tyulenovo


We never stayed overnight in this location, we were always passing to or from other resorts in Bulgaria. If you want to spend more time here, I leave you some accommodation options:

- Tyulenovo Hotel, strategically located right next to the coast. It has a private beach, spacious rooms and free parking;

- Villa Ambra, located very close to the rocky coast. It has two swimming pools, bar and restaurant;

- Family Hotel Old Time, is an accommodation located in the town, a little further from the beach, with a swimming pool and bar.

If you like to stay in campsites, or travel with a motorhome, the Krapetz campsite, which is nearby, can be an option. They have a variety of accommodation options that they make available to tourists: whether it is the personal version of the tourists, the tent or caravan, whether we are talking about the units they offer, such as: bungalow, glamping or various cabins that have certain facilities, depending on their type.


- Shabla Village;

- Krapetz Beach;

- Ezeretz Beach;

- Lake Durankulak;

- Russalka Resort;

- Kaliakra Cape;

- Bolata Bay;

- Balcic Castle;

- Albena;

- Golden Sands;


Tyulenovo is not necessarily a place where you can spend an entire vacation, for a week, without getting bored, but rather the place where you come to enjoy peace for a day or two, or maybe just for a few hours. I was always passing through and I never stayed for more than 2-3 hours, but I plan to spend at least one weekend on the rocky coast of northern Bulgaria.

If you haven't been here yet and you plan to, I recommend arriving at sunrise. The landscape is even more spectacular, and the morning light creates a special atmosphere. If we also take into account that not many people think of reaching the coast at such an early hour, you will have the place just for you and you can enjoy the landscape in peace.

On my last visit to this location, I filmed a vlog. You can find it on my Youtube channel.

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Thank you for reading!


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