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Tania - Travel Stories

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am Tania, a travel, nature, hiking and photography lover. I always like to see the beautiful side of the places I visit and I believe that there are no destinations that are not worth visiting at least once in your life.

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My story

I started this blog out of the desire to share my passion for traveling with other people. Initially, being a great photography enthusiast, I wanted this blog to be a photographic diary of the places I've been. Later, sharing the posts through social media, I realized that people want to know more about the locations I've been to. That's how another passion was born. Because yes, I can say that I like to share my experiences here and I am most happy to know that the information provided is useful and really helps.

If you read my articles, you will find out that in addition to mountain hiking and photography, that I really love snorkeling, so I choose the beaches I go to depending on this aspect. I am also passionate about ornithology and wildlife. In other words, I like to see animals and birds in their natural habitat and I don't (anymore) visit zoos. From what I've visited so far, my favorite place in Romania (my home country) is the Danube Delta, my favorite city is Paris, and the country I would visit anytime and whose vibe resonates the most with me it's Italy.


I am alwyas up for new adventures!

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