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10 Things to do in Malaga, Spain

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Malaga is the European city you want to visit when you want to experience the mix between history and contemporary, stay at the beach or explore, hike or shop. If we also take into account the fact that you can enjoy absolutely gorgeous views, both of the city and of the sea, and good weather almost all year round, we can say that we have discovered a city that checks all the requirements of a wonderful vacation spot.

However, if you like exploring and don't want to stay on the beach, it is possible that Malaga can be visited even in a single day, ticking off the most beautiful places.


The city has its own airport with international flights. From the airport there are several transport options to the city. Depending on the time you land and your preferences, you can choose between:

  • taxi; the station is on the right side of the airport exit. Depending on the time, the fare varies between 16 and 30 euros to the central area of Malaga;

  • bus; the station is also on the right side of the airport exit. The bus runs every 20 minutes between 7am and midnight;

  • train, which has a station opposite the airport; Lines C1 and C2 have stops in Malaga;

  • private transfer to Malaga, can be booked here.


As a personal choice for accommodation in Malaga, we booked an apartment in Limehome complex, which I recommend regardless of your budget. Everything was superlative: cleanliness, password-based check in/out, good location.

Other hotels with good reviews:


1. Gibralfaro Fortress/Castle;

The Gibralfaro fortress is located at the top of the mountain with the same name and is the ideal place to enjoy a panoramic view over the city.

Being at the top of the mountain/hill, the climb up there can be quite demanding, especially in the summer, so I recommend that you have enough water to drink and don't forget to enjoy the view.

view from above over malaga from gibralfaro castle

The castle was built in 1340 to strengthen the defense of the city. Nowadays, there are only the walls of what, in the past, was one of the resistance structures in the army of Malaga.

gibralfaro castle malaga

The ticket costs 3.5 euros or 5.50 euros in combination with the entrance at Alcazaba.

2. Alcazaba, located near the Gibralfaro fortress, is a fortification that preserves the memory of the period when Malaga was under Muslim domination.

I recommend visiting this location after visiting Gibralfaro. The Alcazaba is much bigger and more complex and you will definitely lose the energy to climb up to Gibralfaro, if you choose to visit it for the first time.

alcazaba malaga costa del sol spain

3. Malaga Cathedral, it is one of the most imposing cathedrals I have visited. Whether you choose to admire the exterior, or to visit it inside, it is one of the locations that should not be missed in Malaga.

The entrance ticket is a bit more expensive than the other tourist attractions in the city. It costs 8 euros to visit the interior and 12 euros to climb the tower.

the exterior of malaga cathedral

4. A walk in the historic center must be added to the list of activities in Malaga. Constitution Square (Plaza de la Constitution) is the crossroad of some of the most important streets of the old town.

constitution square in malaga spain

5. Malagueta Beach is the closest beach to the city and is frequented by both tourists and locals. Whether you choose to stay at the beach or walk along the seafront, it is the ideal place to relax.

The beach is quite long and not very crowded. The sand is a bit ugly, a bit gray, and when I was there, at the beginning of September, the water was very cold. There are restaurants in the area where you can dine.

malagueta beach malaga costa del sol, beautiful suntet between palm trees

6. The harbour (Puerto de Malaga) is one of the oldest ports in the Mediterranean. I recommend visiting the tourist area of ​​the port, which continues from Malagueta Beach to the Muelle Uno Promenade. A walk in this area is wonderful. The location is very animated during the evening, both by people out to enjoy a walk, and by the music from the terraces that stretch along the seafront.

sunset in the harbour of malaga

7. Relaxation at Arabic baths with massage included. Malaga has preserved several traditions from the period when it was under the Muslim conquest. One of them is the Arab baths. The session lasts an hour and a half. Find tickets and other details here

8. The Picasso Museum, which houses approximately 285 works by the painter Pablo Picasso. Malaga is representative for the artist, being the place where he was born. The museum is open daily, and tickets are available here.

painting at picasso's museum from malaga

9. Catamaran ride on the Mediterranean at sunset is another way to enjoy your vacation and at the same time, another way to enjoy the city. The view of the city and the mountains that surround it are wonderful, and the sunset light creates a unique atmosphere. Book here.

catamaran ride on the sea in malaga costa del sol spain

10. Flamenco show How can you better enjoy Spanish authenticity? I would say enjoying a tapas (or several) and a Sangria, while enjoying a performance of traditional Spanish music. Flamenco is the popular music of the Spaniards, of which they are very proud and which we can enjoy in any city of Spain, shows of this kind are organized almoust everywhere in Spain. Tickets found here.


If you want to visit other locations in Andalusia, you can do it both on your own (with public transport or a rented car), as well as through organized tours, which I recommend if you don't want to bother with the organization. Below, I leave some links with the excursions you can do from Malaga:

- Ronda and Setenil, tickets here.

- Caminito del Rey, tickets here.

- Gibraltar, tickets here.


Somehow, this city made me think of a smaller, more private and budget-friendly Barcelona, ​​the entrances to the tourist attractions being much cheaper and the quality-price ratio for accommodation much more convenient. Therefore, Malaga is my recommendation if you want a weekend getaway or even a longer vacation, which fits on a small-medium travel budget. There are a lot of activities that you can have, which are suitable for any type of traveler.

Read about how I organised 8 days in Andalusia.

I also filmed a vlog in English from Malaga, subscribe to my Youtube channel, if you liked it..

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