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3 places to visit in North Wales

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Wales is definitely one of the most underrated places in Europe. I recently went there for the first time and took the pulse of the country. I had only a short weekend to explore, but enough to make me want to come back and visit other places. I dare to make a personal top of the United Kingdom and place it on the second place, the first being Cornwall - England, surpassing even Scotland in the top of my preferences.


If you come from abroad the closest airports are in Liverpool and Manchester. As a means of transportation, renting a car is necessary (everything is quite far from human settlements and there is no public transportation). The traffic is very light, the drivers are understanding, and driving on the left side should not scare any driver. From my own experience, of all the European countries I have driven in (about 10), in the UK it seems to me that driving is the most relaxing. I leave a small guide about renting a car on holidays.

If, however, you don't want to rent a car, or you don't have a driver's license, you can visit other locations in Wales (not the ones I present to you), if you buy an organized trip. Tickets from Liverpool here.

If you arrive here in the summer, when the day is longer, you have time to see all the 3 places that I talk about in this article, in a single day. In fact, I do not recommend visiting this area if it is not summer, because the weather can be unfavourable, especially because it is a coastal area and the wind is extremely strong.


I had accommodation at The Bull Hotel, which I booked through The hotel also has a pub, where the locals gather for a beer, and in the evening it becomes very animated. It's a nice atmosphere, but I don't recommend it if you're with kids, it can be a bit of a hassle for them. I also tried breakfast at this hotel, but this one I don't recommend it wasn't the best.

Other accommodation options: - Oak House, the house that can be rented entirety and can host up to 8 adults and 4 children. It has a garden, a barbecue and a view to the mountains; - Awel Y Mor, is a three-bedroom house, quite simple, with garden and barbecue. Accepts pets; - Luxury Log Cabin, is a wooden cabin with two bedrooms, which has garden, barbecue and sea view; - Emlyn's Coppice is a glamping accommodation, located in the middle of nature;


Aber Falls is a waterfall of about 37 meters, which can be reached after a short hike of about two miles, which can be dono in 30 minutes. The walking is not difficult and can be done with children as well .

The location has two parking lots, and one of them is equipped with toilets. Parking is paid only with coins, the car does not accept payment by card, and the one in the parking lot on the left does not work, only takes the money, but does not print the ticket. I recommend paying directly to the one on the left, so as not to risk a fine, even if you paid.

aber waterfall from wales uk

It can get very crowded on weekends, especially if the weather is nice, but even so, you can enjoy a day in the nature. The area is green and there are many places where you can organize a small picnic, if you bring some snacks with you. I recommend being cautious about mites, they are extremely numerous and can be in the grass, even if it is very cold outside.

aber waterfall from the northern wales uk

Llanddwyn Island which is actually an island only when it is high tide. During the low tide it is connected to Llanddwyn beach. It is a huge beach, where you can walk or even spend a whole day, if the weather is favourable.

llanddwyn island from wales uk

The parking can be paid by card or cash, and the maximum amount for the whole day is £ 7.

On the so-called island is housed an old building, where once was a lighthouse. Also here you will find the ruins of a monastery, which also has a legend, of a princess who chose to become a monk at the monastery which was located here in the 5th century.

llanddwyn from wales uk

To get to this location there are two options: either walking on the beach or walking through the pine forest. We tried both options, went to the island on the beach and on the way back we went through the forest. The area is absolutely beautiful and I am sure you will enjoy the walk in that area.

pine forest in wales uk

And to finish the day of exploring, don't miss the sunset at South Stack Lighthouse.

The lighthouse itself is not the star of this place (although it plays an important role), but the view of the small island on which it is located is absolutely amazing. I recommend getting here at sunset. If you catch some clouds in the sky, it will be very spectacular.

The lighthouse can also be visited indoors during the summer. To get there you have to go down about 200 steps. More information and buying tickets can be found here.

sunset at south stack lighthouse wales uk

If this article has not convinced you of the beauty of these places, maybe a video will convince you. I made a vlog with these locations, in English, I leave it here. Like and subscribe if you liked it.

Other locations to visit in the area: - Llandudno; - Snowdonia National Park; - Caernarfon Castle; - Conwy Castle; - Portmeirion;

Read about other great places in the UK that are worth visiting: Whitby, Staithes and Robin Hood's Bay, or York.

I plan to visit other locations in this area, so if you want to be up to date with the latest posts, you can subscribe, all you need is an email address, and if you liked this article, you can share it.

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Thank you for reading!

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