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Capri Island - a complete travel guide

Updated: Feb 25


The island of Capri, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Gulf of Naples, is considered one of the most visited destinations in Italy, being a mix of absolutely gorgeous landscapes, spectacular beaches, narrow streets, luxury shops, hotels and restaurants with breath taking views . This place was a relaxation resort since the time of the Roman Empire. Landscapes with high rock walls, which seem to collapse dramatically into the sea, have had the hearth people since ancient times, even when fun and relaxation were not on their list of priorities.

We chose to visit the Island of Capri during our vacation on the Amalfi Coast, reserving a single day to explore this Italian gem. I am convinced that even if I had planned to stay for several days, I would not have been bored. In fact, I would have liked to have at least two days to enjoy the beach also.


The island can be reached by boat or ferry from most towns on the Amalfi Coast, but also from Naples.

From Sorrento, there are companies that make regular trips to the island of Capri, and tickets can be purchased either from the port or online. If you choose to return on the same day, check the timetable to know what time the last ferry is. You have the option to book tickets to Capri, with a tour to the Blue Grotto included, from Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi or Naples.

We took the ferry from Sorrento, and left the car with the keys at one of the nearby parking lots, because between March and September, access by car is allowed only to residents. Parking costs around 25-30 euros for the full day.

As a transport on the island, you can take a taxi, rent a scooter or use public transport. We did not use any of these, choosing to walk and enjoy every street to the fullest.


The island of Capri has been on the list of places that I wanted to visit for a very long time. Both the island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast made me fall irreparably in love with Italy, which I have to admit, until then was not in the top of my preferences.

the view over the island of capri

Once on the island, from Marina Grande, we walked to Anacapri via La scala Fenicia. This route was built by the ancient Greek settlers and for a long time, it was the only access to Anacapri. It is a very demanding walk on the stairs, of about 900 steps, and the last part of the route is the most spectacular.

If I could turn back time, I don't know if I would venture on this route again, although I really liked the view from above. If you decide to follow this route to reach Anacapri, you must take into account the excessive heat, if you come here during the summer. Although there are also shaded areas, the second part of the route is without shaded areas, being completely exposed to the sun. I recommend taking enough water with you.

the view over the stairs at scala fenicia in capri

In Anacapri, we headed to the chairlift boarding area to climb Mount Solaro, the highest point on the island of Capri. There we were able to enjoy a 360 degree view of the island.

Although the view is wonderful and should not be missed, everything there seemed outdated and abandoned. There is also a bar / restaurant on the mountain, but it didn't look very clean, so I chose not to eat anything there.

the view over faraglioni cliffs in capri

the view from chairlift to mount solaro in capri

After visiting Mount Solaro, we walked to our next destination, the Garden of Augustus. I can't say that I really recommend walking, the distance is quite long and you have to walk on the side of the road. I recommend taking a taxi or bus.

Entrance to the Garden of Augustus was free. I had read on various websites that the ticket would cost around 3 euros, but we didn't pay anything. The stars of this garden are not the plants, as you might expect, but the views of the sea and the high cliffs that meet the turquoise water.

From there we could admire the Via Krupp Path, which is currently closed due to falling stones, and this is, by the way, the only place from where you can see it. The view of this trail was my favourite on the island. Unfortunately the path has been closed for several years and I have no hope that it will ever be reopened.

the view to via krupp capri

One of the most instagrammable views of the Faraglioni Rocks, you can also find it in this garden. These rocks are the symbol of the Island of Capri and have a special importance for the inhabitants, being often mentioned even in Italian literature or used as inspiration in paintings. I have to admit, the view towards them is spectacular from here. Another way to enjoy the natural beauty of these rocks, but also of the whole island, is on a boat trip. More details and various offers can be found here.

the view over faraglioni cliffs in capri italy

The city of Capri is certainly the busiest place on the island, especially on certain streets. It is full of people and I can't tell if they are all tourists or locals. The narrow streets, with colourful vines flowers that complete the insular landscape, give an air that we usually meet in the movies of the 70s (at least that's how I felt).

At every step we see shops with clothes, jewelery and perfumes, some belonging to luxury brands, others to Italian brands that I, personally, do not know. Although there were a lot of people on the streets, the shops were a bit empty, without too many people eager to shop. Can you condemn them? I wouldn't give up walking the streets and enjoying the views at the expense of shopping either. Personally, I didn't even see any shop worth going into, except for the souvenir shops in Anacapri, where I would have bought everything that meant painted vessels in the traditional style.

the streets of capri, italy

the streets with high fashion shops in capri

After a stroll through the crowded streets of Capri and millions glasses of Granita later, we made one last stop at Marina Grande for souvenirs and dining. As a small tip related to souvenirs, I noticed that they were much cheaper in Malpensa airport, especially the drinks. If you want to take the local drink Limoncello as a souvenir, it is cheaper there and being duty free, you are not obliged to make room for it in your luggage.

OTHER PLACES TO VISIT IN CAPRI: In addition to what we saw, on the island of Capri you can also visit: - Marina di Pennauro and Marina di Mulo beaches; - Villa San Michelle; - Punta Tragara; - Villa di Tiberio/ Villa Jovis; - the church of San Michele in Anacapri; - Santa Sofia church from Anacapri; - Certosa di San Giacomo; - Hike on Sentiero dei Fortini Borbonoci;

- Island tour by boat, details here. - Boat trip to the Blue Grotto, details here. - Kayaking through hidden caves, details here. - Private boat tour, details here.


Capri is one of the most expensive locations in Italy, and the accommodation prices are no exception. If you prefer to have more than one day at your disposal to explore and enjoy the island, below, I leave some accommodation options, which have the best reviews and start from two stars hotels:

- Villa Calypso - is an accommodation unit with spacious rooms, which has the option of room service. Internet is included in the price of accommodation;

- La Reginella Capri - is an accommodation unit that has double, triple or four-person rooms, ideal for families.

- Capri Inn - is an accommodation unit located near the port of Capri, more precisely at Marina Grande, very close to the beach. The rooms have a sea view and the internet is included in the price of the accommodation.

- Hotel Syrene - is a hotel with spacious rooms and an outdoor pool. Internet is included in the price of the reservation.

WHERE TO EAT IN CAPRI: The highest rated restaurant in Capri, which doesn't have outrageously high prices either, is Pizzeria Aumm Aumm. A place where you can eat traditional Italian food, where pizza, seafood and pasta of many kinds are not missing. It is located in Anacapri.


We decided to come back to Capri one day, because we missed a lot of things that we could have enjoyed, especially a boat ride around the island and to the Blue Grotto. This island has a special natural beauty and it is definitely worth dedicating at least one day to explore it, maybe even more if you want to discover its beaches and swimming spots.

Our visit focused more on walking the streets and less on the nature part. The impression on the spot was much different from the expectations I had, especially knowing that it is one of the most exclusive locations in Italy. I didn't expect it to be so old fashioned and outdated. I don't say this as necessarily something negative, on the contrary, I really liked the atmosphere, as if from the 70s-80s. I present these purely subjective opinions to give a clear perspective of the location and not to create too high expectations for people who want to travel to Capri.

During this holiday in which I visited the island of Capri, I also visited Pompeii, Naples and Amalfi Coast.

Read about other Italian travel destinations: Milan, Genoa and Portofino.

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