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Durdle Door, the famoust beach in England

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

I was seeing photos of the gorgeous view of Durdle Door beach all over social media. I dare to call it the iconic beach of England and at the same time, among the most beautiful. I wanted to visit this place, just like I wanted to visit any other beautiful place in this world, but I didn't plan to get here anytime soon. The plan began to take shape with the lifting of all restrictions related to the pandemic, when I organized a short road trip in England, from north to south and southwest.

In a 4-day tour of England, I visited Bibury, Castle Combe, Bath, Stonehenge, Durdle Door, Bedruthan Steps, Tintagel Castle and Tyntesfield Castle.


Durdle Door is located in the south of England, in Dorset and is part of the so-called Jurassic Coast. It is located near London and most likely, if you visit this beach, you will have this city as your starting point.

From London, you can take the train from Waterloo station to the town of Wool. From there, you can take a taxi. Another option, a bit more complicated, is by bus from Victoria station to Bournemouth. From there, train to Wool, then taxi or you can book an organised trip.

Another option, much simpler than any of the previously presented ones, is with a rented car. This way, you can also visit other areas. I leave a guide to renting a car on vacation.


Durdle Door is part, as I mentioned above, of the Jurassic Coast, which is very important from a geological point of view. It is one of the most important coasts in the world, and here you can find lots of remains, which date back to prehistory. Fossilles of fish, reptiles, mammals, but also of some coniferous forests were found. In the Triassic period, this area represented a desert. The coast is 95 miles long, and in 2001 it was included in the UNESCO heritage.

durdle door beach on the jurassic coast in england in dorset

The main feature of the beach, which makes it one of the most photographed in England, is the archway formed naturally in the rock, which appeared due to the waves that led to the collapse of a large part of it, forming a kind of passage , like an entrance to a water castle.

durdle door beach dorset uk

To access the beach, from the parking lot, you have to walk a little bit. It is a short hike, easier to walk to the beach than back to the parking lot, because it goes down. It can be done by anyone who does not have serious walking problems. Once you reach the beaches, because yes, there are two, separated by a piece of rock, on the left side is Man' O' War, a gorgeous beach, but which is not so popular, and on the right side is Durdle Door. To have access to both beaches, you have to go down a few steps.

beach on the jurassic coast in england uk

In addition to absolutely gorgeous landscapes, expect crowds... maybe you'll be lucky enough to be quiet, as it was when I visited it, but normally, this area is "invaded" by tourists. More precisely, on average, 200,000 people pass there every day. I guess now I convinced you of the popularity of this place (if you weren't already).

The parking, although is huge, can become too small on days with good weather, when congestion is guaranteed, especially if the sun makes its appearance after many cloudy or rainy days. The safest, try to arrive as early as possible in the morning to secure your parking spot.

The beach is not with fine sand, but with pebbles, and the entrance to the water is not very steep, but not smooth either. It is not equipped with toilets, showers and anything else that does not come from nature :) You can find the nearest toilets at Holiday Camp.

durdle door beach seen from above

Small caves and grottoes are formed in the rocks that surround the beach. It is recommended to admire them without entering them, because there is a risk of falling boulders that can injure you or block you inside.

As a general rule, it is not allowed to barbecue or camp overnight. If you have dogs, it is good to know that access with them is allowed.

On the coast, you have the option of hiking. If you want to have a little more adventure, you can rent bikes in Bridport, details here.

jurassic coast seen at sunset at durdle door dorset


Near the beach, there are no places to stay, with the exception of the campsite. For details and reservations, check the offcial website. You can find a more varied offer of accommodation if you move a little away from the beach area, I leave below some of the options that I found interesting and have good reviews:

- 3 bed house with amazing views & Hot Tub, it is a house that can be booked completely, with a capacity of 9 people. It has free parking, garden, hot tub, barbecue facilities and accepts pets;

- Spurwing Guest House, accommodation with parking and internet included in the price;

- Lakeview Studios, accommodation in wooden cabins, studio type, with kitchen, parking and internet included in the price;

- The Priory Hotel, a location with spacious rooms. Parking and internet are included in the price. The option of room service is available;

- Mortons Manor, accommodation in a mansion, with spacious rooms. Parking and internet are included in the price;

- Purbeck Glamping, an accommodation in tents installed by them, you don't have to bring your own tent. This place is only open during the summer;


- Portland Castle; - Portland Bird Sanctuary;

- Sea Life Centre Weymouth, tickets here;

- Kimmeridge Bay and Clavell Tower;

- The Blue Pool;

- Dorset Adventure Park;

- Isle of Wight (a little bit further away);

- Lulworth Cove;

- Fossil Forest;

- Outdoors activities: kayaking or organized hiking, details here;


Durdle Door is one of the most beautiful beaches in England, which, although crowded, is surrounded by nature, without too many human footprints, without restaurants and other businesses that could thrive in this place. I love how England respects the beauty of nature.

You can choose to spend at Durdle Door a few minutes, a few hours, or even a whole day, if you choose to go to the beach or hiking. We arrived here at the end of a day full of exploring and visiting, and relaxing here was perfect to end our day.

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Thank you for reading!

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