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Scotland - 7 day itinerary

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Scotland is one of the countries that I have had the chance to visit several times, thus being able to check off some wonderful places and at the same time to get an idea of ​​what this country can offer from a tourist point of view.

Many tourists compare Scotland to Iceland and characterize it as the younger sister of it. I haven't been to Iceland to confirm this theory, but I can say that from the photos, it would seem so. Only green land as far as the eye can see and few inhabited areas. You have the impression that you are in a boundless wilderness.

Unfortunately, there is only one way to visit this country without missing many tourist attractions and wild places. Namely: by car. Any other option you choose, it will limit your ability to explore and will not be able to see too many beautiful places. After all, Scotland is defined by remote places, nature and wilderness, and a visit here is usually characterized by spending a lot of time in the car.

Obviously, you can also visit beautiful places without a car, but you are limited to visiting big cities, which are not many and are not the most beautiful places you can see (with the exception of the capital, Edinburgh). However, at the end of the article, I have left some places that you can see without a car.

In this article I present the way I would spend 7 days in Scotland, in other words, a 7 day itinerary, to which you can add, if you have more time, some locations in the north of England. I have written articles about gorgeous locations there, such as the Farne Islands or Whitby.

  1. Scotland itinerary by car:

Day 1 and 2 - Edinburgh

Visiting Edinburgh would be the way I would start exploring Scotland. Two days are enough to visit the most beautiful places and enjoy the vibe of the city. If you don't have enough time, one full day will be ok as well. I wrote a different post about Edinburgh.

After the two days spent in Edinburgh, I recommend renting a car. I leave a small guide, at the end of which there are several sites where you can search for the best offer. If you want to spend only one day in Edinburgh, you can reserve the other day to visit Bass Rock Island, which is a paradise for birds. Can be reached by boat from North Berwick.

7 day itinerary scotland, first stop edinburgh

Day 3 - From the East Coast to Inverness

On the third day we leave for Dunnottar Castle. This castle is, in fact, a ruin of a fortress from the medieval period, located on a rock by the sea. The star of this location is the absolutely gorgeous view, which can be admired both from the beach and from some viewpoints near the fortress.

After visiting this location, we make a stop in Aberdeen, at Torry Battery to admire the dolphins. Also in this city, you can serve the lunch.

The next stop of the day is New Slains Castle, which is a castle ruin. At the time of our visit, there was nothing set up there and you could enter for free. As in the case of Dunnottar, the view of the rocks falling into the sea is the star of the location. The last stop, for accommodation and dinner, and if you still have time and energy, for visiting the city of Inverness. It is a small town, which can be visited on foot in an hour, maximum two.

Day 4- Inverness, Loch Glass and Isle of Skye

The fourth day starts with visiting the city of Inverness, if you don't manage to visit it on day 3.

The next tourist attraction is Loch Glass. It can be reached by car only until you meet a barrier/gate to a forest road. If you set the navigator, it will direct you to a private road. If you've reached the private road (you'll know it's private because there's a gate), you have to turn around and park your car at the barrier area and enjoy a one-mile walk through the forest. We were lucky enough to see both wild pigs and deer on our hike to the lake.

At the end of the day, we head to one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland, the Isle of Skye. I would choose the middle area of ​​the island, as a base camp, such as Portree, to reach the tourist locations more easily.

Loch Glass,one of the most beautiful places in Scotland
Loch Glass

Day 5 - Isle of Skye

I would dedicate the fifth day entirely to exploring the Isle of Skye. If you have more days available, you can spend two days here.

What you can see on the Isle of Skye: - Old Man Storr; - Kilt Rock; - Quiraing walk; - Fairy Glen; - Ewen Castle; - Fairy Pool; - Dunvegan Castle; - Neist Point Lighthouse; - Talisker Beach; - Talisker Distillery; - Brother's Point;

Day 6 - popular locations;

On the sixth day, you can visit Loch Ness, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Scotland. Near this lake, there is another lake, called Loch Tarff, which is worth seeing because it is a few minutes' drive away. The next stop can be at the Glefinnan Viaduct, which became a tourist attraction after it appeared in the Harry Potter films. The day ends with a visit to the Fort William area and the Corpach wreck. Accommodation will also be in this area.

corpach beach with the wreck from fort william in scotland

Day 7- tour to the south

Following the A82 road, we go south, towards Edinburgh. On the way, you can make a few stops to walk and explore on foot. You can leave your car in one of the car parks and take a short hike on one of the trails in Glencoe.

In the descent to the south, you can also visit Loch Lomod and/or Kilchurn Castle. Once you arrive back in Edinburgh, you can return the car and to stay more comfortable and worry-free, book your stay at one of the airport hotels.

Glencoe, scotland one of the most interesting places to visit in scotland

2. Scotland itinerary without a car:

If for various reasons you cannot rent a car, there is also the option of visiting Scotland as part of organized tours. The only disadvantage is that you don't exactly choose what to visit. Obviously, the advantage is that you don't have to stress about changing accommodations or planning an itinerary.

From Edinburgh, there are several options to visit: - Loch Ness, Glencoe and other locations in the Highlands, tickets here.

- Glefinnan, Fort William, Glencoe, tickets here.

- Hogwards Express train ride to the Highlands, tickets here.

From Edinburgh, you can go by train to Inverness and book tours from there:

- Isle of Skye and Eilean Donan Castle, tickets here;

- Two days on the Isle of Skye visiting several locations, tickets here.


This itinerary is a strictly personal choice, depending on what I liked, and from what I think, I have chosen some of the most beautiful places to visit in Scotland. There are many other places that I saw, but for strictly subjective reasons, I chose not to recommend them. I also didn't put Glasgow on the list. It is one of the cities that I did not get to visit, but if you have more time, you can put it on the list. Obviously, there are a lot of other places to see and visit, but I don't think a few months would be enough to see them all.

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