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Edinburgh, one of the most beautiful cities of UK

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I had the opportunity to visit Edinburgh twice and I was impressed both times, discovering each time, a different city. I can say that I really discovered the beauty of this place on the second visit, because I focused more on outdoors: walking on the streets, through parks and gardens. On my first visit, as it was winter, I chose to visit museums and other places away from the cold and the specific wind of city and although I liked it a lot then, I didn't manage to enjoy much of what it really offers.

It is a place that emanates history "through all the pores", every building and every place having a story to tell. Many of these buildings are part of the UNESCO heritage. Certainly, a visit to this city will not bore you. Besides the fact that there is at least one tourist attraction on almost every important street, there is enough diversity of tourist activities: whiskey tasting, tours of the places where Harry Potter was filmed or that inspired the author of the books, hiking and many others.


If you arrive in Edinburgh by plane, from the airport there are few options that you can choose from: bus, tram or taxi.

If you arrive by car, I recommend booking an accommodation with free parking, otherwise it cat be very expensive. The parking in Edinburgh costs about £5/hour.

As accommodation, I chose the Novotel hotel, booked through Booking. The quality-price ratio was more than good. I can say that it was one of the best accommodations I found in the United Kingdom. The hotel is renovated, the cleanliness is exemplary, the breakfast is fresh and varied. The SPA area is equipped with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, wet sauna and fitness room, to which you have access at no additional cost. The only minuses I found are the fact that it is a little outside the city (but there is public transport in the area) and that it is a bit cold in the room (I noticed that the Scots have this problem, they don't really turn on the heat), so put in the luggage and some thicker pajamas.

As transport around the city, I recommend either walking, it is the way you can best enjoy each street, or using Hop-on, Hop-off buses (the ticket costs £10 and can be used 24h on any route).

You can pay by card everywhere, even at small shops or parking lots, so there is no need to complicate yourself to exchange pounds. This applies throughout the UK, you don't need cash anywhere.


Edinburgh Castle, the most famous tourist attraction of the city, which represents only one of the almost 3000 castles of Scotland.

edinburgh castle on a cloudy day

It was built for military purposes on an extinct volcano and its conquest or destruction was attempted many times, mostly being attacked by the English. The last attempt to destroy came from the Germans, in the second world war, when a bomb missed it by only a few meters.

the interior of edinburgh castle

The location is quite complex, being a courtyard with several rooms that can be visited, and its position offers a panoramic view over the city. Tickets can be purchased both online and at the castle. I recommend purchasing online because places are limited and you risk not finding tickets available for the day you want to go and also, those bought online are cheaper.

the city view from edinburgh castle
The view from the castle

Camera Obscura, which is a kind of museum of optical illusions. It is located near the castle and has a terrace on the roof of the building, from where you can admire the city from above. I don't particularly recommend it, but if you have children, this place might entertain them. Tickets can be purchased online or at the counter, depending on availability.

camera obscura from edinburgh

The Scotch Whiskey Experience, located opposite the Camera Obscura, is the place where you can learn the story behind the production of Whiskey and taste various varieties of this drink. The location also has a shop where you can buy a "souvenir" with over 40 degrees. The ticket costs £19 and you must book your visit online.

the scotch whisky experience edinburgh

The Scott Monument, which is the largest monument dedicated to a writer, having 61 meters and being dedicated to Sir Walter Scott. It was built in the Victorian era and belongs to the Gothic style. It is one of the buildings with which I associate the city of Edinburgh. At the moment, the location cannot be visited inside, being temporarily closed, but you can admire it in all its beauty from the outside.

scott monument in edinburgh scotland, one of the places you can visit

The Scottish National Gallery is one of the locations with free access, which is worth visiting if you have time and especially if you are an art lover. Here you can admire the works of art of some famous painters, including Van Gogh.

Edinburgh Museum is located in a historic house of the city, built in the 16th century. Here you can admire various iconic objects that belonged to the city and you can learn fascinating stories and facts about Edinburgh. The entry is free.

edinburgh museum, one of the places you can vizit in the city

Holyrood Park, another attraction that can be visited for free. It is not very big and I recommend it for the small house at the entrance and for the artesian fountain. The area where the fountain is located is one of the most photogenic in the city, offering a superb view to the castle.

fountain from holyrood park in edinburgh scotland, one of the most instagrammable places in edinburgh

A walk on the streets of the city must definitely be put on the list. Edinburgh is an open-air museum, and the buildings and architectural details are amazing.

Knox House and the oldest well in Edinburgh.

knox house from edinburgh scotland

One of the bridges of the city. Photography taken near the railway station.

one of the bridges of edinburgh

Vennel's Steps, one of the most photographed place in Edinburgh.

unul dintre cele mai instagramabile locuri din edinburgh

Queen's Gallery

The location was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth and is the place where you can admire royal works of art, unique furniture and other collection items. The ticket price is £8.5/person.

queen's gallery edinburgh

The Royal Botanic Garden, which has both outdoor plants and a sere where you can admire over 2400 types of plants from various corners of the world. Entrance is paid only to visit the sere. If you arrive here at the end of May - beginning of June, you have the opportunity to admire the garden brightly coloured by the azalea flowers.

azaleea flowers at edinburgh botanic garden

Below, some links with organized excursions in Scotland, departing from Edinburgh: - Loch Ness and Glencoe - access link here; - Gleffian viaduct, Fort William and Glencoe - access link here;


Edinburgh is a city I would gladly return to, knowing that depending on the season, I will discover a different side of this it every time. However, I would not revisit it in the winter, the wind is quite aggressive and does not make peace with my desire to explore and walk the beautiful streets of this place.

I vlogged my last experience in Edinburgh, subscribe if you liked.

Read about other beautiful places in the UK: 3 places to visit in Wales and Farne Island, which is at one hour and a half from Edinburgh.

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Thank you for reading!

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