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One day in Frankfurt, the Manhattan of Europe

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

When you hear the name Frankfurt, the first description that comes into ones mind is that of a city of major economic importance, the place where you can start a business and at the same time, the place with one of the largest airports in Europe, here arriving people from all over the world, mostly with business purposes.

So, with these considerations in mind, we can't help but wonder if Frankfurt deserves to be taken into account from a tourist point of view. In my opinion, if you have the opportunity to visit Frankfurt, do not hesitate to allocate half a day, or even a whole day for a visit, I would not recommend more than that.

The city was mostly destroyed during the second world war. Many of the destroyed buildings were reconstructed according to the original form of the old buildings, in the central area.

The city is called the Manhattan of Europe due to the impressive number of sky scrapper buildings, in this city being the tallest building in Europe. You can see it in the image below.

Frankfurt germany, the sky scrapper buildings


If you arrive in Frankfurt by plane, from the airport to the city, the simplest and least expensive method of transport is by train. Trains S8 and S9 go to Frankfurt's central station (Frankfurt's Hauptbahnhof). The ticket can be purchased from the ticket machines.

Another option, just as simple, but more expensive, to get to the city is by booking a private transfer, I leave a link to a company that organizes both transfers for 1-3 people, and for more people.


The best recommendation for:

- 4 star hotels: Capri by Fraser and hotel Beethoven;

- 3 star hotels and less: Hampton by Hilton, Moxy Frankfurt City Centre;


- Romerberg

The most famous and most visited location by tourists is the historical square, also known as Romerberg. Here are the most photogenic buildings in the city, rebuilt according to the original model destroyed in the Second World War.

The most famous and most visited location by tourists is the historical square, also known as Romerberg. Here are the most photogenic buildings in the city, rebuilt according to the original model destroyed in the Second World War.

In the centre of the square you can admire a charming artesian fountain that represents justice. The sword represents the consistent application of the law.

Also in this square is the town hall. The building in which it is located is from the medieval era and has housed the town hall for more than 600 years. Unfortunately, this building did not escape the bomb attacks of the Second World War, being mostly destroyed, but rebuilt later.

the town hall of Frankfurt

For a complete experience, with a guide, you can choose guided tours in English, find tickets here.

Also in this area, a few steps away from the market, you can admire other gingerbread buildings (as I like to call them):

old buildings in the historical frankfurt germany

history museum in frankfurt germany

- Goethe Museum

The location represents the place where the German writer Goethe was born and grew up. The house, like most buildings in Frankfurt, was rebuilt after the second world war.

Tickets can be purchased only from the museum and cost 10 euros/person. If you want a personalized tour of the city, with tickets to this museum included, find here.

Goethe museum in frankfurt germany

- Eiserner Steg

Also known as the Love Bridge, it is located near the historical centre and crosses the river Main. Although, personally, I didn't feel Frankfurt as a romantic city, thousands of people "contradicted" me, closing the lock of love on this bridge and throwing the key into the river.

the love bridge from frankfurt

- Frankfurt Cathedral

Also called the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew, it was one of the few buildings that remained standing after various unfortunate events, such as a fire or the Second World War. Entrance costs 2 euros/person.

 Frankfurt cathedral

- Other activities:

  • Day trip from Frankfurt to the Rhine Valley, link here.

  • Panoramic boat trip on river Main, link here.

  • Hop on, Hop off bus tour of the city, link here.

- Other buildings that can be admired on the streets of Frankfurt:

This building got my attention, especially the details on the supporting pillars of the bridge. It is part of the same building as the City Hall.

 Frankfurt town hall

The building where the "Nile" clothing store is located couldn't be unnoticed.

building in frankfurt germany


There are several souvenir shops in the city, but two of them particularly caught my attention. The first one is near the town hall, it's called Topferei Bauer and it was impossible not to buy one of the miniatures that were for sale.

The second shop I saw and didn't buy anything from, was with handmade clocks, with wood from the Black Forest. It is worth entering here, even if only to admire the famous German cuckoo clocks. The shop is called Handwerkskunst am Romer.


Frankfurt is the economic "capital" of Germany, but which tries to preserve a little of what German traditional means. As I said at the beginning of the article, one day is more than enough to discover this city from a tourist point of view. The area of ​​the historic center is absolutely gorgeous and even if it does not still have the original buildings, it is just as spectacular and is not to be missed.

I've made a vlog from Frankfurt, subscribe if you liked it.

Read about other German city, Cologne.

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Thank you for reading!

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Nicu Cirstea
Nicu Cirstea
Oct 11, 2022

Beautiful city, it’s nice for a city break ❤️

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