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Oslo, Norway - top places to visit

Updated: Jan 6


The city of Oslo is considered one of the greenest capitals in the world, both for the fact that fuel emissions are quite low, most cars being electric, and for the fact that it is surrounded by forests, and inside the city there are many green areas and parks.

Among friends and acquaintances, there were two questions that I received most often about Oslo: how expensive it is and if I saw the aurora borealis, so I decided to answer these questions in this article as well. Regarding how expensive it is, I can give you some ideas of prices: the accommodation cost 60- 100 euros/night, the transfer from the airport to the city was around 30 euros/person/way, and a meal for two people varies between 70-100 euros, maybe even more if you choose luxury restaurants. Menus at fast food restaurants (Mc Donald's, Burger King) cost around 35 euros. Regarding the question about the aurora borealis, the answer is no, unfortunately, the northern lights cannot be seen in Oslo.


It is good to know that if you book a low cost flight, it is very possible that the landing is on Sandefjord Torp Airport, which is 115 km from Oslo.

From the airport to Oslo, the most accessible option is by train. At the exit of the terminal there is a shuttle bus that runs to the station, from where you can take a train to Oslo Central Station. Train tickets can be purchased quite easily from the ticket vending machine, you can pay by card, and the times at which the train runs are scheduled according to the flights from the airport. It is a one-line station, so you don't have to worry about getting the wrong train.

As for transportation in the city, there are several options (tram, bus, taxi, ferry boat, etc.) but we chose to walk. If you want to have access to unlimited bus rides for 24 or 48 hours, where there is also the option to enjoy the most beautiful areas of the city, then you can consider the convertible bus (Hop on, hop off bus). Reservations and tickets here.


We chose to stay at P Hotels, although it has very low ratings on Booking. I can't speak for other tourists, but for us, the quality-price ratio was ok. The room was quite small, but clean and warm, and the location quite central.

Other accommodation options in Oslo, with very good ratings on Booking:

- Radisson RED Oslo Okern - accommodation unit with double rooms, 24-hour reception and internet included in the accommodation price. The hotel is not centrally located, you will have to use means of transport to reach most of the tourist attractions;

- Holmenkollen Forest House - apartment accommodation unit that can accommodate up to 4 people. It has a kitchen, terrace and parking included in the price of the reservation. It is located outside the city, and can only be an option if you have a car.

- Cozy apartment by Oslo stadium - apartment-type accommodation unit that can accommodate up to 4 people. It has a kitchen, terrace and internet included in the booking price.

- Spacious & stylish apartment in Oslo - Supercentral - apartment-type accommodation unit that can accommodate up to 4 people. It has a kitchen, facilities for ironing clothes, high chair for children, Netflix and internet included in the booking price. It also has parking, which is paid separately.


Damstredet, the street in the heart of the city, with traditional wooden houses, built between 1700 and 1800. It is quite a small street, but it has a special charm thanks to the houses painted in vibrant colors. This street is in contrast to the rest of the city and you have the impression that you are somewhere in the country side, in a small village forgotten by the world. Certainly, the snow also contributed to the creation of this rural atmosphere.

Damstredet - one of the most beautiful streets in Oslo, Norway

For a complete experience, where you can get more information about the city and its history, you can opt for a guided tour. Tickets and schedules here.

Oslo - places to visit - Damstredet street

The Royal Palace, which unfortunately, is not open to the public to be visited inside, but can be admired from the outside and if you are lucky, you can also see the changing of the guard.

The Royal Palace- one of the places to visit in Oslo, Norway

Ekeberg Sculpture Park - is the ideal place for a walk in the nature and at the same time to enjoy very interesting sculptures and figurines. The artists who created these sculptures had no limits in creating works of art, so you have the opportunity to enjoy a real exhibition. The entrance is free, and as a bonus, in addition to the works of art, you can also enjoy spectacular views of the city.

Oslo City Hall - or rather, the Oslo City Hall building. It is open to the public and can be visited for free, as part of a guided tour where you can find out a lot of interesting things. The external appearance of this building reminds me of the socialist countries and the architecture of those countries. We know that Norway has no connection with that type of regime, but that was the impression at first sight.

Oslo Opera House and the view from the building towards the fjord; The building that houses the Oslo Opera House is one of the Norwegians' greatest pride. The architecture of the building, which allows a walk on the roof without climbing a lot of steps or using the elevator, got the attention of the media, and with it, talented ballet performers. The quality of the performances improved considerably with the commissioning of the new building.

Oslo, Norway - the view from Opera House

Nobel Peace Center - is a Nobel Prize museum. Here you can admire exhibitions inspired by the ideas and work of Nobel Prize laureates.

Mathallen - the food market. It is the place where you can enjoy and try the traditional Norwegian cuisine. It is also the place where you can have a meal at somewhat lower prices, compared to a meal at a restaurant.

Oslo Cathedral - is the most important church in the city, frequented both by the royal family and by politicians. It was built in 1697 and restored in 1950. The altar and the organ are the original ones, which have been preserved since the construction of the building.

Olso, Norway - places to visit

Munch Museum, dedicated entirely to the works of art of the painter Edvard Munch. I really wanted to see the painting "The Scream", which, unfortunately, we did not manage to see, because it was not exhibited at that time. The museum is considered one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to a single artist. Recently, the museum moved to a new passive house type building, from where you can admire the beauty of the city from above.

Oslo, Norway - Munch Museum

Akerhus Fortress is the ideal place for a better understanding of the history of the city. The fortress was built in 1299 and was a strategic point of defense in the medieval period. Nowadays, the location is a tourist spot and at the same time a location where events are organized, such as concerts, private parties or ceremonies.

The Viking Ship Museum, which hosts 5 original Viking boats, exposes the story of the Vikings and the role they played in the development of Norwegian society. Unfortunately, the museum is temporarily closed, until 2026, because the building in which it is located is being reconstructed.

The Viking Ship Museum - Oslo, Norway

Vigeland Park is a park-museum of sculpture. Here you can admire over 200 sculptures in granite and bronze by Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures represent the artist's work of over 40 years and have as their theme the family, depicting women, children and men.

The point from which the creation of these sculptures began was Vigeland's Fountain, which was made to be placed in front of the parliament building. Later it was decided to place it in the park.

Vigeland Park- one of the places to visit in Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian Village Museum - Norsk Folkemuseum - is a Norwegian village museum from the 16th century. Here you can admire 160 old houses, specific to certain areas of Norway from the same period.

The Paradox Museum is one of the places that can interesting both children and adults. Tickets here;

Oslo Fjord cruise, tickets here;


- the local currency is the Norwegian krone, which I don't even know how it looks like, because I paid everywhere by card, so don't stress about changing money; - the water from the sink is good for drinking and can be consumed without worrying; - at the customs we were asked to present the return ticket, in addition to the passport. I don't know if it's a rule, but you should have bought it and have it on hand. Having the flight from Great Britain and having a Romanian passport, we were the only ones stopped to be asked for the return ticket; - if you want to visit more museums, you have the option of purchasing the Oslo Pass, with which you have access to over 30 museums and public transport. You have the option to choose between 24, 48 or 72 hours. You can buy it here.

CONCLUSIONS ABOUT OSLO: As general conclusions about Oslo, strictly based on personal experience: it is a very beautiful, clean, well-kept city, with very warm and friendly inhabitants. Everything is very organized and well set up. I will definitely come back to explore some more parts of Norway.

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