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Rusalka Resort Bulgaria

In this article I am presenting a seaside destination, which can be an alternative for other busier resorts, to spend a weekend at the sea. Judging by the fact that it is a very quiet place, with not too many tourist, I assume I am coming with a relatively undiscovered beautiful place.

Located at a distance of approximately 50 km from Vama Veche, Romania and 5 km from Kaliakra, Rusalka Holiday Village or Rusalka Resort, it promises to be the place where you can enjoy rocky beaches and at the same time, with fine sand, slightly different from most of the Black Sea beaches.

The resort itself does not have the best ratings and reviews, but I still chose to write about this place, because it is quite close to Romania and you can choose the option of staying at the beach without booking an accommodation there. The beaches are absolutely fascinating, and the location reminds me of Greece. Also, the complex is in a renovation process, and some bungalows already look much better, and those are my booking recommendation if you stay at this resort.


Once you arrive, you will leave the car at the entrance, in a parking lot of the complex, which costs around 3 leva/day. To the left of the parking is the reception. From there you will be picked up by a golf cart, along with your luggage, to the bungalow where you will be accommodated. There is also the possibility to come here just for the beach and pay an entrance and parking fee. It is also the option that I recommend, more because of the food, not necessarily the accommodation, where you have two options.

Russalka Holiday Village is a complex of bungalows available for accommodation, equipped with their own bathroom, some of them also have a small terrace. They are located in an area with green grass and trees, but not very far from the sea. As I said above, not all of them ended up being renovated, so if you choose the non-renovated version, expect to be disappointed, because the rooms have remained the same as in the medieval period. Sorry, I meant the communist period. A small plus would be that it is cleaned daily. Also, there is internet in the room, but it costs 5 leva/day.

the bungalows at rusalka holiday village

The area where the food is served is located next to one of the beaches, with a superb view of the sea. The food is charges separately and is self-service. The quality of the food leaves much to be desired, unfortunately. Besides this aspect related to the quality of the food, the meal is served between certain hours and if you don't come at the opening time, you may find out that you don't have many options, even if you pay the full price.

Within the resort there is a mini-market, where you can buy souvenirs, an area where you can play tennis, a spa area with swimming pool and fitness room, all at an additional cost.

rusalka holiday village bulgaria

The resort has two beaches that you can choose from, both absolutely gorgeous, these being the only reason that I would recommend this location. The beaches are equipped with sunbeds, provided free of charge, but for which no mattress is provided 😒.

Bring your snorkeling equipment with you, because the water is crystal clear and you might be lucky to see something. There is the possibility to do diving organized by the people of the complex, for a fee, of course.

landscape at rusalka resort in bulgaria

Both beaches are also suitable for children. Although they are rocky, they are cleared of stones, and the sand is very fine. In some areas of the water there are rocks from which you can jump. In the second part of the afternoon, the beach in the picture below is completely shaded. This beach is also served by a bar where you can buy soft drinks and ice cream.

russalka resort beach in bulgaria

The beaches are formed in mini-bays, as a result the water is very calm and without waves, ideal for relaxing on the mattress or practicing various sports such as snorkelling, paddle or kayak, if you have the necessary equipment.

the beach of rusalka resort at golden hour bulgaria

The beaches are ideal for photography. I recommend catching the "golden hour" in the morning, not in the evening. We couldn't miss a photo shoot next to the rocks on the beach.

photoshoot at russalka resort in bulgaria

In conclusion, for the Black Sea, from my side, the beaches get a 10+ and once again the Bulgarian coastline pleasantly surprises me. I did not expect such a place to exist so close to Romania, with such beautiful beaches. The only negative point would be the administration of the complex, which leaves much to be desired. The resort still has that communist air and you have the impression that you have gone back in time. . But I noticed that this seems like it will change in the future, even though the renovation steps are moving slowly. There is also an advantage in all these aspects, namely that it is not crowded. We were there in August, when it should be in full season and it was quite empty.

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